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  1. Cherine is very helpful and assists you in doing what is best for your business. She is straight-forward and will tell you the truth. She is a solution-finder and will help you to solve any issues you may be facing. She often finds better, more efficient ways of doing things. http://www.webassistant.co.za

  2. I am so grateful to Cherine. I am very good at coming up with amazing ideas for my business and I am good at my business, but when it comes to the books, Cherine is so helpful and thorough. She has helped me with everything from setting up my business to tax advice and sorts out my month ends timeously. She has taken the hassle out of working out my provisional tax and has even helped me with savings. Cherine is an absolute asset to any business. http://www.capetownretreats.co.za

  3. I have known Cherine for about 8 years through various business networks. Over the years I have come to know her as a loyal, reliable and hardworking person. When I decided to let go of the “annual return” side of my business, it was a no-brainer when thinking about who to transfer my clients to, most of whom had been with me for years. I am so happy to see that she is taking wonderful care of them. I would fully recommend Cherine to anyone who is looking for a hands-on, dependable person to assist them with their books and CIPC needs. http://www.thepapery.co.za

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