Company Registrations and Amendments


Annual Returns for Companies, Close Corporations, and Non-Profit Organisations –   from R400 – R750 depending on Turnover and type of Company

We offer the following services – please contact us for a tailor-made quotation.

Amendments to Directors

Amendments to addresses, accounting officers.

Re-instating your company after being in deregistration.

Re-branding and need to change your company name to something more awesome!

We can check and register your domain name at the same time as registering your company.

Keep Compliant and submit your Annual Returns on Time!

WHAT are Annual Returns?

Annual Returns are your turnover figures for the financial year, which normally runs from March to February each year it needs to be submitted in the month following the year you registered your business.

There have been some changes this year with CIPC whereby you will need to submit Financial Statements or Financial Accountability Supplement the CIPC requires and is mandatory. This depends on your PI Score. If it is less than 100, only Financial Accountability Supplement will be necessary.

What is your PI Score and why is it important

First off, the Companies Act actually requires all companies to calculate their PI score. This score serves as an indicator of a company’s public interest. Why is it important to understand the extent of a company’s public interest? It determines the specific regulations and reporting requirements that a company will have.

Your company’s PI score determines:

  • If your company’s financial statements should be audited or independently reviewed.
  • The financial reporting standards apply to your company, e.g. IFRS or IFRS for SMEs.

Its a simple process

  1. What is your total turnover (Sales) for the financial year
  2. Total third-party liabilities (who do you owe)
  3. Total Fudiciary Assets. (Assets held on behalf of another person. I.E Bank holding clients funds – Investments)
  4. Total no of employees
  5. Are the directors all shareholders

Most small businesses owner managed. They have a PI Score of less than 100. They, therefore, need Financial Accountability Supplement. Contact us for the Financial Accountability Supplement Form.

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