About Us

Cherine is the owner of The Bookkeeping Company located in Cape Town.

Accounting and business have been part of Cherine’s life from a very young age. She grew up in her family’s engineering business and studied accounting from Grade 8 (Std 6).
She started her part-time working career at 14 where she worked in retail as a cashier and/or in the Bakery. Once she left school, Cherine studied while working.
At 23, she took a break to travel overseas. She came back to work for a corporate company for 5 years where she gained quite a bit of experience. Particularly in Cashflow, Budgeting, and Technology. She took this experience and went to work for many other companies. She has gained valuable knowledge. Which carries over to her own Bookkeeping practice. It includes selling Tupperware part time for 6 years – there is accounting to keep track there as well!
In July 2010, Cherine set up her own bookkeeping business. Providing a quality and personalised bookkeeping service to small and medium businesses. Cherine’s, passion for and advanced skills, ensures that the Bookkeeping Company stays abreast of the latest bookkeeping technology. She keeps up to date of market trends. Such as Cloud Based Bookkeeping. This allows you to focus, on growing your business. While remaining confident that your accounts are being managed.
To see how The Bookkeeping Company can assist your business. Please take a look at our Bookkeeping Services. Don’t hesitate to Contact Cherine to assist you with any of your bookkeeping needs.
We would like to thank to Ann Brown (Cherine’s Mom) for the portrait photo.