Holiday Shutdown List

Holiday Shutdown List

Preparing to close for the Holidays

Its that time again the mad rush to pack up and close for the holidays. There is lots to do, so I have created a to-do list, a plan to help you.

  • There is lots to do!

  • So the first thing you need to have on hand is water or an energy drink and some vitamins because we all just want to go on holiday. To the beach or camping in the vineyards, swimming in the river, leaving technology behind. I am, already there in spirit.
  • Now that you have a little bit of energy, prepare and send out a letter. Send it to your customers and suppliers letting them know that you will be either operating on skeleton staff or that you will be closed. When you will be re-opening and when last orders must be in by. Also giving them an emergency contact no in case.
  • Prepare your recurring invoices that need to go out on the first of January, send out any December invoices.
  • Make sure you have all your supplies for the start of the New Year. Suppliers are normally back mid-January and only start manufacturing then.
  • Payments to Suppliers and SARS

  • Prepare a list of payments to make while you are away and pay any of your suppliers that you can now.
  • Prepare your VAT and load the VAT 201 so that you only need submit and make the payment while you are away.  (October/November due end of December) 31st December is a Monday, its a crazy day if you can pay your VAT on the Friday, before.
  • Prepare your year-end salaries and wages for your staff.
  • Prepare your EMP201 – it is due on Monday the 7th January 2019
  • Make a Plan for 2019

  • Especially the first week back, after relaxing for a week or 3 it takes a while to get back into first gear.
  • Notify important people that you are away and in case of emergency they have a contact no of your second in command.
  • Let your security know so they can patrol more. because the burglars are doing there Christmas shopping

On the day of closing

  • Lock away important files
  • Close all your windows, lock all the doors, internal ones too. Any keys put away in a safe place.
  • Backup all your computers – Put your backup drives in a safe place and make sure you have a second copy with someone else
  • Setup an out of office email
  • Record a new voicemail

Finally, shoo! Have a Happy and Safe holiday, don’t forget the sunscreen and the cell phone charger.




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