You, Your Staff and your EMP501’s and IRP5’s

You, Your Staff and your EMP501’s and IRP5’s

 EMP501’s IRP 5’s 

 Before I begin talking about them.

The tax tables have been made available for the new Financial Year.  Grab them at Update your systems if you are manually doing your salaries and wages.

Now its time for you as the Employer to submit your EMP501 to our friends SARS. Deadline 31st May 2018.

What is EMP501, it is the Annual Reconciliation of all the salaries and wages that you have paid to your staff permanent, contract etc, it is the PAYE and UIF that you have deducted from everyone. It gets reconciled once a year and submitted to SARS. The IRP5’s and IT3 Certificates are then created for each and every staff member and directors or members of companies and close corporation.

 EMP501’s  IRP5’s – Be prepared…

Ensure you have your paperwork all in order. SARS wants all the details of your staff, I have a staff take-on form available at  The most important documents needed that any employer must get from their staff or staff to be is their ID or Passport and some form of Fica document. A letter with their name and address and it must match to their ID or Passport.  Verify your staff as you are verified at the bank. All Staff members need to register for Income Tax with SARS.  If they are registered and don’t know there Income Tax No.  Let them call SARS 0800 007277.

Make sure they have all their details on hand for verification.  Even their old addresses or cell phone no’s otherwise a visit to SARS will be needed.  If they aren’t registered they need to take their ID, Proof of address and 3 months bank statement not older than 3 months to SARS and register.  If you process your EMP501 on the desktop you can register them through Easyfile. However, they will have to go in and verify themselves if they want any refunds from SARS.

Once you have all the information you can begin with your EMP501, or hand it over to your accountant.

If you are doing it,  yourself pop over to and download a copy of the step to guide on how to do your EMP501 reconciliation.

If you have any comments or suggestions re the above or need help, please do not hesitate to contact me, or 082 403 0792.  I love to hear from you and how I can improve things or just help you.

Tools for you mentioned in the article

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