2018 Plans – Goals – Expectations

2018 Plans – Goals – Expectations

What are your goals for 2018, have you drawn up your business plan for 2018?

Have you updated your cash-flow for 2018, your rainy-day plan, your profit plan?

My One Goal for 2018 is to be profitable. While minimizing my expenses and increasing my sales and saving for a rainy day. Could your business survive on less and still offer the best product, and customer service.

Could you, if you look at your business bank account or your personal bank account survive for the next 3 months without making one sale?  Book an appointment with me for a consultation on how to build your business so that you can survive 3 to 6 months without sales, Profit First.

I have written a few blogs on managing your cashflow, how to cut expenses, manage your money. www.thebookkeepingcompany.co.za/businessresources.

December should be the month that you plan for the new year, January for the new Financial Year. A business plan is needed when you want to start a business, but it also needs to be looked at and revised continually every year.

Ask yourself these questions.

How did you do in 2017? Where did you go right in 2017? What can you do better in 2018?

2018 Plans – Goals – Expectations  – What are yours? drop me an email and let me know.

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