5 Ways to do Christmas festivities on a budget


5 Ways to do Christmas festivities on a budget

 Christmas on a budget

Christmas is a time for giving, and a time for sharing. But it’s often also a time where we tend to throw all our inhibitions out the window. We spend all our hard earned money on presents, events and services. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have fun over Christmas.

Regardless of whether you are a small business owner or just plan on having a family gathering. Here are some tips on how to keep to a sensible budget and save money, while still having a good time:
  1. Embrace the potluck concept:  This is where everybody is tasked with bringing a dish to share. Which means that come Christmas (lunch or dinner) you end up with a feast. Office potlucks, are also becoming the norm these days. It is a great way for employees to connect with one another and to share recipe ideas.

  1. Have experiences instead of buying items: Ditch the idea of buying gifts for one another. This can be too expensive. If you keep buying the usual dull gift (e.g. socks, pens, etc.) you could lose the Christmas cheer. Rather organize an experience, for your family or office party. That everyone can enjoy. If you’re on a tight budget,consider having a picnic in the park, going to a movie, or having a bring your own braai at someone’s house. To make it more fun, create a competition. For example, introduce a baked goods competition. Where guests can do a tasting and choose the winner. 

  1. Secret Santa: If exchanging gifts is a must, then why not go the Secret Santa route? This is where names are put down on a piece of paper and placed into a hat. Each person chooses a name and then they have to buy a Christmas present for whoever they draw out. To make sure, that people get what they want. Ask your friends or staff to put their Christmas wish list together on a board or email. The list must contain at least three options so the person is still doesn’t know exactly what they’re getting. If everyone is on a tight budget, create a spending cap rule of R150, for example.

  1. Save on drinks: Alcohol can really be a budget buster when it comes to Christmas parties. Instead of supplying a variety of drinks.from the liquor store rather opt to have a theme for your party. Where you have a signature drink. Think ‘Bond night’ where you only serve martinis. Just, remember to buy non-alcoholic drinks like sparkling water. Create a nice punch for those who are the designated drivers.

  1. De-clutter, upcycle and make money: If you’re looking for ways to make money so you can throw a better office party or spoil someone this Christmas.  Have a look at the old furniture lying around in the attic, store room or garage. Whether it’s an old chair or chest of drawers a good lick of fresh, new paint or varnish could do some wonders. Once the item has been repaired,or upcycled, sell it on platforms like gumtree.co.za. Then use the proceeds to create a festive party to remember.

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