My Business Bucket List

My Business Bucket List, I was fooling around on Facebook this afternoon, clicking on some links, and came across someone’s post on their life list.
So I decided to write this article on My Business Bucket list – What do you want to achieve with your business?

Top 3 things on My Business Bucket list

Rebrand myself, I was never good with words, I can spell and I am a very good at finding errors in documents. Words and I never got along. So I bugged people for help to check what I had written. It got annoying. I then found Hemmingway Editor which helps me to correct my writing for me.  So on to the Business Bucket List, it goes.
  •  I want to write better posts. ( I like to share my knowledge to help entrepreneurs and everyday people)
I am always looking for information, especially on SARS’s website. If you don’t write the correct phrase, you can spend the whole day looking for something. Then question yourself if it is the correct thing. Pop over to my Business Tools page, I have added Links, and documents of everyday useful things. Tax Tables etc
  • I would like my website to be resourceful. Entrepreneur’s visiting will find links to all the necessary everyday things they need.
I did a Pastel Certified trainer course a couple of years ago and I learned that we all learn differently. I especially like to teach/train one on one, some people like to learn from Visual Aids.
  • I like to work one on one with individuals to assist them with anything business related. I thus offer training and support, and I am creating some ”how to videos”. How to verify your documents for VAT etc. Videos coming soon. Watch this space!
Well, those are the top 3 on My Business Bucket List, what are yours, I would love to hear from you.

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