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To help with planning your financial and Tax year – Important dates to remember.

Important dates to remember 2018-2019-Mark them in your diary or on your calendar.

Important dates to remember 2019-2020-Mark them in your diary or on your calendar.

How to reconcile your EMP501 here is the guide if you need any assistance, you know who to call, we will help you.

A Step by Step Guide to the Employer Reconciliation Process EMP501

Fica’ing yourself and your business – Documents needed click on the link below to download your checklist.

Fica Documents Required

Cashflow Money Management

Cross your T’s  and dot your I’s and ensure your VAT Tax Invoice is Valid and ready for SARS. Below is a template to print and match to yours.

Tax Invoice Template

 I have started writing my own posts on Facebook and Linkedin. What a challenge as I am a numbers person and the English language confuses me. I came across a very useful tool to help me with my writing. The best thing it helped my daughter with her Grade 6 writing. Hemmingway Editor online is free. Delete the writing currently on the homepage and start writing.  It lets you know where you are going wrong and where you are going right.

Tax Season runs from 1st July to 24th November. Grab your 2017 and 2018 tax tables here.

2017 Monthly Tax Deduction Tables

2018 Annual Tax Tables

2018 Monthly Tax Deduction Tables

2018 Weekly Tax Deduction Tables,

Budget PocketGuide 2017

Budget 20172018 tax guide 

2019 Weekly Tax Deduction Tables

2019 Monthly Tax Deduction Tables

2019 Annual Tax Tables

Budget 20182019 tax guide.

2020 Weekly Tax Deduction Tables

2020 Monthly Tax Deduction Tables

2020 Annual Tax Deduction Tables

Budget 2020/2021 tax guide.

2021 Weekly Tax Deduction Tables

2021 Monthly Tax Deduction Tables

2021 Fortnightly Tax Deduction Tables

2021 Annual Tax Deduction Tables

Something I recommend to my clients who would like an e-commerce website is Shopify, click on the link below to find out more.

Business Tools and Resources for all businesses.